Crowdcast's technology platform is a high-performance, scalable foundation that provides powerful and flexible ways to aggregate the insights of employees and partners about key metrics and events. Many of the world's most innovative companies rely on Crowdcast to improve project and portfolio management, and to uncover and mitigate strategic and operational risk.

Mat Fogarty - Crowdcast

"The Crowdcast logo needed a makeover. The old one did not represent our personality as a friendly, yet simple software app, that enabled a management team to listen to it's employees. We worked with Nido on the concept and ideas for how we could position it. We were under a tight deadline, as we were relaunching the site and company in a matter of days. Nido came up with a genius idea to incorporate a listening horn into the design, we iterated together a couple of times, the team loved it and within 48 hours we had a great logo and were off to the races."